Friday, January 30, 2009

Help A Sister Out!

Ok ladies, I am off to get my haircut today. I am SICK of the ridiculous amount of time I have to spend just washing/conditioning/rinsing it, not to mention how long it takes to dry and straighten it! Plus, well lets face it, my hair isn't exactly healthy either. I have horrible split ends and am in major need of a cut.


help me out! I don't know what to do with it!?? I don't want it any shorter than my shoulders and honestly I would really LOVE to keep it long, but I need a break from it! I want something that will make me look a little older, or at least my age. I am not one that likes to spend lots of time styling my hair, so I'd like something that is simple and easy.

I guess I could always go with the same style I have now but just shorter... It's kind of boring to me though. I am about to start looking on the Internet for some pictures/ideas but if you have any, let me know! I'd appreciate the help!

Thanks girls. :)


BedsideTalesMan said...

I'd love to help...but I am a guy...and what do I know!

Good luck...and I like cuts just above the shoulders on women

LucieP said...


my hair is naturally curly so I have to flat iron it regardless if I don't want some crazy waves.

Tell your stylist what you want and don't want.

For example-tell her you want it shorter but still long enough to put in a pony tail---or you want the shortest layer to be this long and just tell her how long...that way she'll have a starting point to work with.

Also, I can't tell if you have bangs but they are great and you can start with just a little that frame your face and are not bluntly cut. What I did was had my stylist cut at an angle and started with a small chunk of bang and then got a little more eachtime...

Can't wait to see what you come up with!