Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Last weekend with the girls.

Friday evening I picked up Harley and Montana (mom's neighbor's little girl) and then headed over to get Elise from daycare. The girls were going to have a sleepover. We had spaghetti for dinner and then made ice cream sundae's! Harley wasn't feeling good after that, so Amber ended up taking the girls home.

On Saturday morning, Michael and Elise spent some time together while Ava and I met my friend Jennifer for breakfast. Elise got a big card board castle from Raina, so Michael built it for her and they colored some of it.

Saturday afternoon, we went to Chloe's first birthday party. Michael and I got everything put up in the attic too. We had to lay down some more wood in there because we ran out of space to put things! At the rate I am going, we may have to purchase a shed to put in the backyard, primarily for all of Ava's things/clothes that I am saving!

Diced peaches, yummy!

Elise playing in the playroom with her new kitchen (from Harley)

The girls-Snack time!

Michael building Elise's castle. (I was at breakfast so I didn't get a picture of them with the finished project, but Michael sent me a picture on my phone. It looked awesome!)

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