Saturday, January 17, 2009

There's a first time for everything

I won a give away over at Stacie's blog!!! She held a contest for the best 2009 motto and picked mine as the winner.

"You can touch mine in 2009"


I haven't won anything before, really, so I am pretty darn excited! Thank you Stacie! Go check out her blog, here.


Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Old Navy sales?? Michael and Tyler went over to Barnes and Noble so Tyler could pick out a few books using his gift cards. So Ava and I headed over to Old Navy to pick up a couple pairs of jeans for Tyler (he has NO jeans here at our house). They were having a 50% off already marked down prices sale, so I also picked up a few things for Ava too, spending no more than $5.00 on any one item of hers and as little as $0.99 on one of her shirts! Really?! Heck, can't beat that!

My Mother-In-Law came into town today and dropped our nephew, Nick, off at our house to stay for the long weekend (Tyler and Nick are both out of school on Monday). We are taking them to Monster Jam tonight and I am stoked! I remember my dad taking my sister and I a couple of times when I was younger and I always really enjoyed it. I am glad that we are able to do something with the boys that we will all enjoy. (thanks to Mike's mom; she is so good to us). Ava will be going to her Mee Maw's (my Mom) house while we go tonight. My Dad, Kim and the boys are also going tonight but they bought their tickets before us, so we had a hard time finding seats really close to them.

I really should be picking up a little bit while the munchkin is sleeping. Stay tuned for pictures from Monster Jam tonight!! :)


Stacie said...

:) it was a winner (or weiner) of a motto ;)

have fun at the monster jam!

Aimee' said...

i love old navy sales too...except old navy is hit or miss for me! sometimes i find so much stuff and other times i find nothing! congrats on the win! also, i tagged you! so go check out my blog!