Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No Rules MeMe

I was tagged over a week ago by Aimee and I am just now getting around to it! I actually kind of forgot, but here we go with my No Rules MeMe.

-I am the second oldest of all my siblings. I used to have 9 brothers and sisters up until my dad separated from my-step mother a couple of years ago. (the divorce should be final soon) I haven't really spoken with my step-brother and 2 step-sisters since then, so I have finally reached a point where I no longer consider them my siblings. It's sad, really. When I met them, Brittnee was in Kindergarten, Aaron was just a toddler and Jaymee wasn't even born yet. So they have been a part of my life for a long time and I never really considered them my "step" brother and sisters. I miss them all dearly and wish that things could have been different. Our parents' ugly divorce has made it difficult to have any sort of relationship with any of them.

-My mother finally got a buyer for her house and they are closing at the end of February. My Mom has always wanted to open up her own pet store and she is finally getting a chance to achieve that goal. After selling the house, they are moving out to CS where my grandparents, great-grandparents and Aunt and Uncle live. My mom will be opening up her own pet store there and I couldn't be more happy for her. On the other hand, I am devastated that she wont be close anymore. That I won't be able to just drive 5 minutes down the street when I wasn't to see her. That Ava wont be able to see her MeeMaw as often. I guess I should be thankful that she is only moving a couple of hours away.

-I love watching movies, but I am not sure I have ever sat still and watched a whole movie straight through. I am usually picking up around the house, doing laundry or playing on the computer at the same time. Not many people like watching movies with me because I miss so much of the movie that I am constantly asking what is going on. Also, I am horrible at remembering movie names and whether or not I have actually seen a movie. I'll get about half way through a movie before I realize that I have seen it before.

-I have a horrible memory! I am terrible with names and, well, pretty much everything. I always had a hard time in school because I could literally sit and read a chapter for a test, over and over again and was completely oblivious to what I had just read. I am not very good a remembering important details or dates. (which is a big reason for having this blog)

-I am a really picky eater. I absolutely hate the taste and smell of mayo as well as ranch dressing. Matter of fact, I hate all dressings. I don't like guac, sour cream, pico, avocado's, spinach. I am not a big fan of Italian food, other than spaghetti and lasagna. I guess you could say, I am more of a "simple" eater. I don't like all the fancy stuff. But I do love ALL of my vegetables and almost all fruit.

-I cannot stand wire hangers or the cheap plastic hangers that the kid's outfits come on when you buy them. All of our closets have ALL plastic hangers.

That's all I have for now. Thanks for tagging me Aimee and sorry it took me so long!

Updated: Did I not tell you I was forgetful!? I just now realized that I didn't tag anyone!!

So, I am tagging:

Chloe-English Tea
Stacie-Stacie's Madness
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Get to it girls! :) :) :)

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