Monday, January 19, 2009

So I took a pregnancy test on Saturday (Jan. 17, '09) and we are pregnant.

How did I know??

-I lost weight, getting down to 99lbs. Last time I was pregnant, I also lost weight first, before gaining it.

-I had a craving for Chinese food the other day and I am not a huge fan of Chinese food. I like it, but I only like to eat it every once in a while. (I didn't even think anything of this craving, Michael is the one that pointed that out)

-I started having hot flashes on Saturday and that's what finally did it. I caved and bought a test after much debating.

-Not to mention, I was 5 days late.

The weird thing about it is that both times I have been pregnant (one was a miscarriage) my boobs got really sore, big and hard. None of which has happened this time around. I have taken 2 tests (took another one tonight) and both said I was pregnant. The first one was just the regular positive/negative one and the one I took tonight is the one that actually says "pregnant" or "not pregnant". So it's official. We are pregnant.

I was not ready for this at all. Everything will work out and it'll all be ok. A baby is a blessing and I did want another one. I just wasn't ready for one right now.

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