Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Of course I didn't forget about Not Me! Monday! (No, really.. I didn't forget.) I am most certainly not posting Not Me! Monday on a Tuesday because I like it that much and I just didn't get around to posting yesterday. Wanna get some things off your chest? Vent about things you absolutely did not do?? Then join in on the fun of Not Me! Mondays and while your at it, head on over to MckMamas blog for more Not Me! Mondays!

-The other night, my husband and I did not spend hours hooking up the new printer and printing out the 400+ pages of discovery given by Melanie so that we could go through every page and separate the irrelevant ones from the relevant ones. Then go through all of the relevant pages highlighting important details and so forth. My husband did not do most of the work.

-That same night, I did not print out every. single. one. of my blog entries. The would be absolutely ridiculous! I did not do this so that we could use some pictures and blogs regarding Tyler in court if need be. Why wouldn't I have just printed out the pages that we needed?? It definitely wasn't because I was just too damn lazy to sit there and go through over 300 blog post looking for ones we needed. Plus, I did not think that this was the perfect excuse for printing all of my blogs out (something I started a while back but only got to Feb of 2007) and using up all of the ink!

-Last night, while running a mile at boot camp, I did not take my time at the very end in hopes of getting a time above 10 minutes because I did not want to run another mile. That would be pitiful.

-I did not spend my time coloring a Carebear picture while the babies were napping today, instead of cleaning like I should have been doing. Nope, not I!

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