Saturday, April 5, 2008

Wide Awake

Here are a few photos I took tonight of Ava. She is wide awake! Everyday she stays awake a little longer and sleeps better at night. She is such a good baby, I really can't complain. She rarely ever cries, unless she is sleepy and doesn't have her binkie. Or if she is hungry. Other than that she just hangs out and looks around at everything.

We had a problem with her pooping again. She had gone another whole week without going. Her doctor told me not to worry about it but everyone I have talked to says that a breast fed baby should have a bowel movement for every feeding. So I finally decided to call the doctor yesterday as this is the second time we have had this problem. She has had 2 bowel movements since the wreck on Easter Sunday and it's really starting to worry me to the point of completely stressing myself out over it. The odd thing is, as soon as I told Dr. Pocsiks nurse what was going on, she too, said the same thing! That she should be having a bowel movement for every feeding! Why does everyone seem to think this but not her doctor!? Anyways, they told me to try putting a half teaspoon of Dark Karo Syrup in her bottle (I pump most of the time now, with the occasional breast feeding) So off to Kroger Michael went to pick up some for me. Not 10 minutes after she finished her bottle, she pooped! YA!!!! I feel much better now, as it was obvious that she was beginning to get really uncomfortable. At least now I know what I can do to help her go if this happens again. She has not had another bowel movement other than the one she had last night. I even gave her some of the Karo Syrup in her bottle again tonight, but no luck. I'm still worried about it, but feel a little better that she at least went last night. Anywho, enough about my kids bowel movement I guess :) XOXO-Goodnight Loves


Shauna said...

Karo Syrup is a godsend! If I had known you were bottle-feeding, I'd have told you about it. lol Be careful not to overdo it though. Too much and she'll get diarrhea!..Kind of an odd note...but have you noticed how the most disgusting statements are completely normal once you are a mother?? lol

Ashley said...

Yes I have! LOL