Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sisterly Love

Michael, Ava and I picked Elise up tonight as it is our weekend. I've certainly missed our little pumpkin Elise. It just seems like we haven't been able to spend much time with her lately since we haven't gotten her for our normal Friday-Saturday time, plus I was on bed rest for a short period of time and then Ava was born. I'm glad to have or normal time back with her again. I noticed tonight how much she has grown just in the 2 weeks since we last had her! Its crazy!

When we picked Elise up, I sat in the back with her and Ava. Elise has 2 little taggy blankets that she carries around with her every where. These are HER blankies and she gets very upset if she does not have them with her. It was a bit chilly outside so when we got in the car, Elise took her 2 blankies and covered Ava up so she wouldn't be cold. I had to take a picture as it was the cutest and sweetest thing! Here are a couple pictures of Ava covered in Elise's blankies.

This next photo is my favorite..

Such a sweet big sister!

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