Monday, April 21, 2008

Our Lovely Day at the Park

Michael picked Elise up from daycare on Friday and took her by Melanie's to take her meds. While he was doing that, Ava and I headed over to my moms to pick up Harley and Evan to come stay the night as well. I was talking to Mike on speaker phone after he picked Elise up, and she asked if she could talk to Ava. It was so cute. Her and Daddy were waiting for us in the front yard when we pulled up. She is always so excited to see her baby sister. The kids played while I cooked dinner and then we got them all ready for bed. Saturday afternoon, I put together a nice little picnic bag for us including some fresh cut strawberries to enjoy as well. We picked up Tyler and headed off to the park for our picnic and to feed the ducks. I was such a pretty day outside and we had a really good time as did the kids. Here are some pictures of our lovely day :)

We had a great weekend with the kiddos, as always :)

Baby Ava stayed home with Daddy today while I went to work. And my dad is gonna keep her for me on Tuesday so I can go in to work then as well.

I went by Babies R Us and picked up some Enfamil for babies who spit up... I have given it to her once so far and she has only spit up one time, a very small amount. So we shall see if maybe this formula will work better for her. I have breast milk for the next feeding as I am gonna try to start pumping more and giving her less formula. Hopefully she will continue to poop though!

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