Sunday, April 27, 2008


...Exactly what this post is. Not much of anything. I always wait too long to post and then when it comes down to it, I'm trying to rack my brain to even remember what all has gone on in the days that have past since my last post.

On Tuesday, my Dad kept Ava for me while I worked from 9:30-2. Work was good. I picked Ava up from my dads and came home just in time for Aaron to take her pics. Maybe I should back-track a bit and explain who Aaron is... OUR365 PORTRAITS is the company at the hospital who took Ava's pictures. They come out to your house and set up and take 12 different poses when the baby is about a month old. You get one free 8x10 but of course they have to take some kick-ass photos in order to get you to spend a bunch of money. The photos turned out SO good and I cant wait to see them all and get my order in. Which reminds me... I almost feel as though I am repeating myself.. maybe I already wrote about this in the last post? Maybe not? If so, sorry guys.

Moving on.

Wednesday my sister and I started moving some of her things from my moms house to mine as she is moving in with us. My mom is moving to College Station some time this summer and Amber wants to stay here. I also took her by her daddy's grave and got a few pictures as well.
Thursday I had my 6 week follow-up appointment after having Ava. Feels good to be able to be back to normal activity real soon ;) Amber, Johnny, Ava and I met up with Katie, Matt and Mason at Ponchos to eat and then I was off in search of a swimsuit for Ava. Of course I didn't plan on taking her in the water, or in the sun for that matter. But I still wanted a little swimsuit to put on her. :) I went to Carters and they didn't have any swimsuits smaller than 6-9 months. So needless to say, her bathing suit is big for her, but dammit she sure did look cute! :)

I got a call from my cousin Candace on Thursday morning which was odd, considering that her and I haven't talked in a really long time. I was surprised and happy to hear from her up until she told me she had some bad news... My really good friend Nick from Louisiana found his mom dead that morning. I could not believe it! I knew Mrs. Vicki pretty well as I stayed with them for a little while when I lived out there. Nick and I have been friends for a few years now and were really close for a long time. Her funeral was this morning at 10am. I tried to make plans to go out there to be there for him, but with a new baby, I am not able to just pick up and leave like I used too. I wish I could have been there for him. I cannot imagine losing one of my parents.

Friday Steph, Makenzie and Ashley met Katie, Mason, Ava and I at my house and we all headed out to the beach. Katie and I kept Mason and Ava in their car seats in the back due to the fact that their skin is still so sensitive and we sure didn't want them to burn. They pretty much slept the whole time. It was pretty relaxing.

Ava and Mason in their swimsuits.

Katie, Me, Steph and Ashley

Today Ava and I met Jess back out at the beach again for a little while. Ava must love the sound of the ocean cause she slept more in the 2 days we were at the beach then she ever does anymore. LOL
Tomorrow I will be working from noon to 6 or 6:30is and Ava will be spending the day with Daddy.

I think I pretty much caught up on things for now. I was going to post a few pictures but blogger isn't letting me upload tonight so I will add them later.

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