Monday, March 17, 2008

One week old!

I cant believe my little girl is already a week old! It seems to have gone by so fast. I know I still haven't posted about the delivery but I will eventually, I promise. I just wanted to share a couple more pictures of Ava, one week old.

One week old!
One week and one day old

I am actually posting this a day late as I just didn't have the time to sit down and do it yesterday. Michael and I are really enjoying having our little princess at home with us. Michael has been so good about helping me out and even gets up with me in the middle of the night to help. He picks up around the house and best of all.. he loves to hold and spend time with his little pumpkin. I was able to capture this picture of having with a tight grip on daddy's finger. I though it was the cutest thing. Look how big his hand is next to hers!

I love seeing how much she changes everyday. At first all she did was sleep. Then she started waking up for short periods of time, only this was happening at night and not during the day. LOL But every night she does better and better. Last night she ate at 10pm and didn't wake up to eat again until 4:45am!!! That's the longest she has gone without eating and I was really surprised as my princess is a little piglet! ;) After her 5 o'clock feeding she slept until almost 10am and stayed awake for most of the morning.

On another note... time to talk about the boobs! A blogger friend of mine (Cloggsy) has a post about her problems with breast feeding and I had some of the same problems as well. Ava did really well a couple of times in the hospital and latched on for a good 30 minutes each time but this only happened 2 or 3 times. I would spend an hour-hour and a half off and on, just trying to get her to latch on. I was determined to breast feed and did not want to give up for anything. I ended up having to supplement a few times and then decided to pump. If I wasn't able to breast feed then I could at least pump so that she was still getting my breast milk. Then I discovered the rubber nipple! (thanks to Steph) It goes over your nipple and I guess to a baby it almost seems as though they are drinking from a bottle. Ava loves it and I am now able to nurse her. I am SO happy to have figured out a way to get her to take 'the boob'! Anyways, moving on..

I went to the doctor yesterday due to some uncomfortable cramping that made me a little nervous about having some sort of infection. I know what infections can lead to if they get too bad and I have definitely been really worried about that. I wouldn't want anything to happen that could lessen my chances of conceiving again in the future. The doctor checked me and said that everything looked good and that my stitches have healed very well (I had 10 stitches from the episiotomy) She went ahead and gave me a prescription of antibiotics to start taking incase of infection and also took some blood to test. I got a call back from the doctor today that confirmed that I did indeed have an infection. My white blood count is elevated as well as my platelets so I have to take the antibiotics and iron pills. My doctor told me that I have been doing way too much and I need to take it easy. :(

Anyways, that's all for now.


ChristinaGray said...

awww i cant beleive she's a week old already either! Enjoy everyday with your little princess, before you know it she will be running everywhere! And Im glad to hear you found a way to keep breastfeeding! Good job Mama!

Mommie25 said...

WOW she is beautiful Ashley. They do grow so fast so def. make sure you are there every moment. She's adorable congrats again!!! I hope to hear from you soon!! and to see your little angel soon

Cloggsy said...

I picked up the rubber nipple thing too, but dude, does the milk just not go EVERYWHERE when she falls asleep or just latches off? I'm finding this breastfeeding thing so freaking hard. I'm pumping also, just so hubby can do a night feed for me.

Is it me, or is motherhood just a hell of a lot harder than we thought? Love my baby to bits, but she's a bloody minx!!!