Friday, March 21, 2008

Oh Poop!

Ava woke up to eat at about 8:30 this morning and she stayed awake up until about 3:30 this afternoon with the exception of a short 10 minute nap right before we reached the easter bunny! This is big news in our house, as Ava has pretty much been sleeping ALL day and staying awake at night. She doesnt cry or anything but I just cant fall asleep knowing that she is laying in her bassinet wide awake. It makes me nervous I guess. Anywho, Im gonna skip around a bit in order to explain the title of this post.... After we arrived home from our little trip to the mall, I decided it was bath time for the little one. She has pretty much started this little routine when I change her diaper. She poops... and poops.. and poops. So I pretty much wipe her and wait for the poop to come because if not, as soon as I get the clean diaper under her little butt here comes the poop! Anywho, I got her diaper off and got her all ready for the bath tub and as I had her in my arms and was lowering her down into her little bath tub... bet you can take a wild guess as to what happened next! Yep, then came the poop. All in her tub. Nice. Oh the joys of motherhood! All I could do was laugh. And then clean it up of course.

So my little angel and I took a trip to the mall to get her picture taken with the Easter Bunny. Katie met us up there and waited in line with us. Everyone thought Ava was just the cutest thing! :) We waited in line for about an hour which actually went by pretty fast since Katie was with us and we just chat-chatted the whole time. Ava fell asleep right before we reached the bunny (of course!) and was wide awake right after! LOL She looks like a little dot in her picture compared to the Bunny and I. ( I was a little nervous about the bunny holding her so I tookt he picture with them) Here's our picture from today!

Well, that's all for now. It's time for Ava's feeding!

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NordanticElaine said...

Oooh! I love that picture of y'all! I'm jealous of the Easter Bunny! I want to hold Ava too!!! She's too precious!