Sunday, March 9, 2008

It's *so* close!

I will be checking into Clear Lake Regional tomorrow (Sunday) night at 9pm.
At midnight they will be giving me the Cervidil (s/p?) in order to soften the cervix.

At 6am Monday morning is when they are planning to give me Pitosin (s/p?) to start labor. Due to the fact that I am already 2cm dilated (have been for over a month now) and am 50% effaced, I am hoping they will just break my water instead of having to give me the Pitosin but either way, Monday morning I should be in labor.

I will be forwarding all of my calls to Michael's cell so if you call me and he answers that is why. This way he can update you all on what is going on.

I'm really excited to know that I will soon be holding my little angel.. but am also a bit nervous, scared, unsure of what to expect... the list goes on! LOL

Michael and I had a BBQ at our house this evening. His sister and her girls were all here as well as Tyler, Elise and Harley. Michael's friend Chris and his 3 kids came. Christina, Ben and Zolan and Jennifer and Cameron as well. It was nice. The kids all played extremely hard and were very tired! Elise cried because she didn't want to leave and also due to being *exhausted*! She had a long day! Me, Harley and Elise went to my friend Jeannie's baby shower for a little while earlier today but didn't stay long as I was tired and we wanted to come spend time with daddy.

Michael, Tyler and I are going to church in the morning with my dad and little brother and will be spending a majority of the day getting some last minute things done before I go to the hospital tomorrow night.

Michael's mom bought Elise a cute pink ceiling fan for her room which Michael is going to put up tomorrow morning and I would like to finish up some house cleaning and put a few things in its place so that I feel completely ready to bring our princess home. I am so stoked and just cannot wait!

Off to bed to read my book until I fall asleep.. which has become a nightly tradition for me. I just bought 3 new books and am about half way through with the first one. I definitely enjoy my reading time.

Goodnight loves.
Ill try to update soon.

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