Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Weekend

This post is a little overdue, but I haven't had much time to sit down and upload pictures. Michael picked Elise up Saturday morning and when she arrived at our house she came running inside yelling "My baby sister is here!" and even ran up to Cookie and told her the same thing. It was SO cute! She told me that she is really happy to be a big sister! After spending some quality time together as a family which I got some cute pictures of.. one being of Elise putting her crock's on Ava (that was just TOO cute!) we then dyed our Easter eggs. Tyler's mom picked him up right when we were starting to dye our eggs so unfortunately he wasn't with us for that part, but I did get some really cute pictures of Elise and Ava. After dying out eggs, Daddy hid them in the front yard for Elise to hunt. She enjoyed that for a little while and then was ready to eat them! LOL Although we didn't get much time with the kids for Easter, we sure did enjoy the time we did have with them. Hope everyone else enjoyed their Easter as well.

Ava and her Easter Bunny
It's as big as she is!

Elise holding her baby sister

Our beautiful little girls, Elise and Ava

Elise put her crocks on Ava. Too Cute!

Elise giving Ava her pacifier. She was such a big help!

Elise and Ava- Happy Easter!

Elise sharing her stickers with Ava

Look at all the stickers Elise put on her leg! LOL So sweet

Elise getting ready to dye her Easter Eggs

Daddy and Elise... She loves hard boiled eggs!

Ava with bunny ears on, her Easter egg and her Easter bunny! :)

Elise and her Bunny Ears

Some of our dyed Easter eggs

Elise and her Easter basket

Elise hunting her Easter eggs

Such a cutie pie!

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