Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ava Update

Ava's follow up Dr. Appointment the other day went well. Dr. Poscsik said that everything seemed fine and she even called Texas Children's to see if they thought she needed a CAT scan or an MRI. They said that if she hasn't been acting any differently that there was no reason to put her through anything further. On the other hand... I've been starving my kid! She hadn't gained any weight in 5 days (was still 7lbs 9oz) I noticed on Monday that she was wanting to eat less than an hour after I had fed her and she just acted like she was starving all the time. Turns out that my milk wasn't coming in like it was in the beginning. (At first it took me 3 min to get 3 1/2 oz) So the doctor asked that I start pumping every 3 hours for a couple of days. I have been writing down every time I pump, for how long, how much I get and how much Ava is eating. The more I pumped the more I got each time. It took me a little over 10 minutes the 1st time and I was only able to get an ounce and a half on each side and now I get close to 5 oz each in about the same amount of time or less. On another note, I was really concerned that Ava hadn't had a bowel movement since the hospital the night of the accident (Sunday) as that was one of the things they had told me to watch for (a change in her bowel movements) as a sign of internal damage. She went 3 whole days without going, which I hear isn't too normal for a breast fed baby. We even tried stimulating her a few times by putting the thermometer up her bottom (which they had done at the doctor and hospital and it made her go) but it didn't work. So i called the doctor and they wanted us to come in this morning at 8am... Welp, she finally decided to poop at midnight last night. I was SO relieved! I know I was just psyching myself out and worrying too much but with the accident and all, I just couldn't help it. Dr. Pocsik said she is more concerned about Ava's weight than her bowel movements and she said that it was probably due to the fact that she wasn't getting much milk before hand and its just now catching up to her. She weighed 7lbs 11oz today meaning she gained 2 oz in the last 2 days which is great! I am now able to put her back on the boob! YA! I was feeling a bit down about having to pump and give her a bottle. I really like our bonding time and am glad to have it back! We will be going back in on Monday to check up on her weight again, but all is well. Thank the Lord... I feel much better now and think it'll be much easier to relax a little.

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