Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our Family Portraits - Feb 2009

I think our pictures turned out pretty decent. I would have liked to have gotten a couple more of Tyler and Ava but we had already gone back in a second time (the photographers idea!)to snap some more pictures and they didn't turn out so I wasn't about to make him take more. LOL

I may just take Tyler back by himself later on and get a couple of poses. We don't have many recent pictures of him that are decent. He likes to make his silly faces and stuff, which is fine with me, because it shows his personality, but I like to have some nice photos to hang up as well.

I have 4 different poses of Elise!! Every one they took of her came out perfect, of course. They last one was a special request by Michael. He just loves when she winks at us, so he wanted to get a photo of it. Her face is kind of squinched up, but I think it'll be cute to look back on and show her. She walks around here winking at us and raising her eyebrows up and down at you. It is absolutely adorable.

The one we got of Ava is perfect! Her hands are a tiny bit blurred but I still think it's great. I didn't sweat the fact that I wasn't able to get more of her, because Kelly is going to take her 1 year photos soon. I had spoke with Kelly about taking our family portraits also, but she was going to be on vacation that weekend so we went with the studio this time. I would love to get us in for a session with Kelly also, because I personally would prefer having them done outside and with a little bit more of a personal touch to them. I am sure we will probably end up waiting until the baby is born but who knows?

I am SO glad we were able to get our photos done before I was nine months pregnant this time. That is why I was in such a hurry to get in and get them done, I didn't want to be showing.
Not that I minded being pregnant in our last photos (I actually liked having some pregnancy photos done) but those are the only professional family portraits we have. I am glad we were able to get some more done. Now I need to go out and buy some frames!


Stacie said...

woohoo, I think they are great!!! beautiful family!

LucieP said...

oh they turned out great!!!!!

andi said...

Y'all are beautiful...
the pictures turned out great =)