Thursday, February 26, 2009

I've had quite a few things that I wanted to post about lately, but I have been waiting to close my blog before I do so.

I guess waiting on blogging about these few things has also caused me to slack as far as posting about anything else. I have some recent picture too that I need to post.

Post subjects that I will hopefully be getting to soon:
-My thoughts on THE ex-wife
-My thoughts on the situation with Andi and why I am not keeping Chloe anymore.
-Megan's first birthday party-pictures
-Recent photo's

I have decided to go ahead and close this blog today. Probably this evening sometime, so that I can start my blogging again.

Those of you that are lurkers and are just saying hello, I am really sorry, but I think I have decided to stick with familiar readers only.

Certain things I write about are getting back to the ex-wife through someone reading my blog, and taking it as far as reading through a post that I commented on that included over 1,500 comments and finding my comment in the mix. Not real sure how that was possible, considering that there were quite a few "Ashley's" that commented and when you clicked on my name, it didn't send you to my blog. So that must have taken a lot of thought and effort to figure out what comment was from me.

I will elaborate more on the problems with the ex wife later.

It really isn't that big of a deal that she reads my blog, but it has gotten to the point where I would prefer write about whatever I want, whenever I want. And it isn't only her that I have a problem with reading my blog.

Anyways, this all seems a bit petty and high school-ish (is that a word?) and for that I apologize. I am just ready to make this blog into a place where I can open up about my feelings.

I hope that there are no hard feelings to those of you who I have decided not to add. It really isn't anything personal.

Thank you.

I'll be back to blogging soon!


Stacie said...

I had a scare anonymous commenter that "read about me in the paper" and signed it "Dave".

I don't know any Daves that read my blog and know WHO I am to read about me in our local paper.

Scared the shit out of me and still I completely understand your want to go private!

Ashley said...

Oh wow, that is scarey!

Mike's ex-wife found out we were pregnant through "a friend that lives in Florida" who "came across" a comment I had posted on double stroller giveaway a while back.

I had mentioned in it that Michael and I were expecting our second-not thinking that anyone I knew would come across it.

There were over 1,500 comments on that post. It's weird to me that a friend of hers is reading that much into our lives. And as I said before, my comment doesn't link you back to my blog, so it's odd that she was able to pick my comment out.

It's not a big deal that she (his ex wife) knew, I already had a feeling that she did. It has more to do with the fact that someone I don't know is snooping in our business, or so it seems.

Anyways, there are also some crazy people out there, so I feel that with the pictures and stuff I post its probably best to go private.

I may go public again later on, who knows...

Aimee' said...

If you have noticed I don't post pictures of our kiddos and try not to use their names on my blog since it is public so i totally understand why you would want this private!

LucieP said...

well hello buddy!
I was wondering why you were posting more about being prego...and then I wondered if I had read it from twitter or blog since I have such a great memory!

So I will use your blog to comment about my ex's wife, too--k? Oh wait, I guess that's not really the same thing but...we can I didn't tell them I was having a baby until I was like 18 weeks...I just wanted to have my business be my own!

Thank you for the sweet comment by the way.