Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pay It Forward

Yesterday evening we had 2 gentlemen knock on the door. I usually don't even listen to the people who go door to door trying to get donations and so forth. I don't normally give them a chance to start their stories. I tell them I am not interested and closed the door. I am sure they are usually cursing me as they walk away. I KNOW that I can be a sucker sometimes and I know that as soon as I give them a chance to tell their story, I am drawn in and I can't seem to tell them no. But tonight as I opened the door, I instantly knew I wouldn't be able to turn them away.

Basically, they are a foundation that takes in homeless addicts (whether it be drugs, or alcohol) and provide a place for them to stay, food and clothing. They train them to go door to door, learning communication skills and selling magazines in which the profit goes towards their meals, etc. This particular gentleman who was being trained really touched my heart tonight. He was bundled up in his jacket, shivering and was having a really difficult time. He asked permission to sit down on my front porch and put his head in his hands. Today was his fifth day in training and he was exhausted, and mentally and emotionally drained. I haven't exactly been in his position, by far, but I do have an small idea what it is like to have an addiction and I guess it just hit home for me. I signed up for 3 years of the Parenting & Child magazine and handed over $60.00 for it, 5 of which was for him to get something to eat or whatever. My husband told me that I am a complete sucker and that I just fell for a scam. I really hope that is not the case and I don't think it is. All I know is, I couldn't turn them away and I had to help. I did it from my heart because I wanted to, and whether it was a scam or not, that is what matters.

I haven't ever done anything like this before, as far as buying things from people selling them door to door (except girls scout cookies!) and I don't regret it. Michael hates that I can't pass a homeless person without giving them a few dollars. I have gotten a lot better about that, but I used to give them money every time I saw one! Now I keep it to a minimum of every once in a while when I see someone that I feel really could use my help. Obviously, I can't help everyone and there are times where we really could use the money that I give away so freely. But it makes me feel good to know that I have done a small part in helping some one else out. All I know is, there have been numerous times that people have helped me out in one way or another and I guess I am just "paying it forward".


Stacie said...

it just shows your big heart!

Aimee' said...

I too am a sucker for door to door salesmen...and I ordered magazines from them one time and never got them! Ever since then I don't believe anyone that knocks on the door and it makes me sad...because I know not all of them are scammers! (just a side note, the word for the word verification for this comment is "sucka" lol)