Thursday, June 25, 2009

Week of June 15th - June 21st

Monday: Elise came to our house for the week. I got Michael's Father's Day gift in today, and Elise also brought him a gift so we went ahead and gave Michael both gifts and saved the other 3 that we got him for Sunday. Here is the coffee mug I ordered him with the kids' picture on it..

Tuesday: Tuesday's are play date days with some of my Mommy friends and this was the first play date that I was able to bring Elise along with us. Aiden is about Elise's age so they had a good time playing together. Aiden was asking about Elise this week - he wanted her to come play! :) We went to Kelli's house and set up the baby pools for the kiddos and they played in the water and jumped on the trampoline.

Aiden, Ava, Elise and Lane

Our girl

She's getting so big!

Our girls

Aiden and Elise jumping on the trampoline

Ava, Zolan and Silas

This is what the girls were up to while I was mopping the kitchen...

Elise with her panties on her head - she thought it was THE. FUNNIEST. THING.

Ava getting into mischief. She climbs on EVERYTHING.

Wednesday: Wednesdays are major cleaning days for Amber and I. I find it much easier to keep up with the house when we have a set day to do all the hard, in depth cleaning. The girls played together most of the day and I went by my Dad's house later that night to pick up a Blue's Clues movie from him. Ava LOVES Blues Clues and kept saying it over and over again. We used to have Noggin ON Demand with some Blue's Clues shows available to play at any time and for some reason it is no longer there - which was a problem! We tried putting on Tom and Jerry, Tigger and Pooh, Handy Manny... etc, and she just didn't care for them as much has her Blues Clues. I looked at both Target and Walmart and wasn't able to find ANY Blues Clues video's. Thankfully my Dad had one of Jarred's from when he was little!

Watching her Blues Clues before bed.

Thursday: The girls and I met Tracy and her play date group at the park around 9:15 and let the kids play until about 11. We then headed over to my friend Maegan's house for a pool play date which the kids loved. Elise is such a little fishy and loves swimming! We were at Maegan's for a couple of hours and then headed over to Tracy's house (SIL) to visit with her, the girls and my MIL. We met Daddy at home and my MIL met us here to head off to dinner at Red Lobster - but not before playing some Rockband! Yes, my MIL played Rockband! Michael was supposed to just play one song for her and have her sing - 10 songs later and I finally had to tell them to turn the game off cause I was starving! LOL Dinner at Red Lobster was lovely. :)

Addilyn at the park

Elise and Ava


Ava lost a shoe!

She was trying to climb through...

LOL! She still didn't make it through - I had to help her.


Shelby, Tori, Kira, Maegan and Lane

Elise and Ava

My Husband and Mother In Law - playing Rockband:



Friday: Me, Tyler and the girls returned some clothing items to Target and Walmart that my MIL had purchased for Elise that were too big. I was able to get her quite a few really cute outfits. We had Lasagna for dinner and my Aunt Tami and Paw-Paw stopped by to visit for a little while.

The girls riding the Elmo ride at Walmart

LOL - look at my chunky monkey!!!

Saturday: Michael and I took the kids to Putt Putt for some bumper boats and miniature golf.

Bumper Boats!

Daddy showing Elise how it's done

She made it!

She kept wanting the ball

She got it!

Tyler and Ava


Sunday: We celebrated Father's Day here at home with some of the family. My FIL - Dale, Melba, SIL - Tracy, BIL - Bob and their girls all came over for some burgers and hot dogs and watermelon. It was nice to have everyone together to celebrate. Elise went home this evening and my sisters - Heather and Harley came in town from College Station. We then went to my Dad's to visit with him (they had plans all day).

Our family on Father's Day - June 21, 2009



Elise and Hannah




Overall, it was a really good week. It was also the longest we have had Elise for one stay. We enjoyed it and are looking forward to her next visit. :)


Aimee' said...

sounds like a busy but fun week!!

LucieP said...

great pictures! You are looking cute mama! What are you gonna do with such beautiful girls when they get older?!

Stacie's Madness said...

great pictures, love the family one!