Saturday, March 7, 2009

The days are slipping by..

As I mentioned in the previous post, there were some things that I had wanted to post about because, at the time, I was upset about them and needed to get it off my chest.

First one being the ex wife-Melanie #2-Elise's mother. (Yes, Michael has 2 ex wives, both named Melanie. Not to mention that his mother's name is also Melanie..) I am hoping to find the time to express my feelings about her and the numerous things we have gone through in dealing with her since Michael and I met. It has not been easy, by far! Being a step parent is VERY hard, especially when dealing with someone like her. I just try to remind myself that things could always be worse. We have had times that weren't so bad, but the bad totally wipes the good out by far. Hopefully, I will just suck it up and find the time to write about it, but it is definitely another post for another day!

Another thing I had wanted to get into was my frustrations about court and the fact that we did not get our answer when we were told that we would. The judge told us that we would know anywhere from Tuesday (last week) at the earliest, to Friday at the latest. Friday came and went and still no answer. We were on our tip toes all week waiting for our answer and to not get it when we were told, was pretty nerve racking and quite stressful. All that aside, I am very happy to say that WE WON !!! Tyler is with us this weekend, but will not make the official move until Friday of next week. I am SO excited and am really looking forward to having him here with us. I am so thankful that we were able to get him away from the mental, emotional, and verbal abuse that Jereme (Tyler's step-father) put him through. Tyler finally told his mother the other day that if she had left Jereme a long time ago, none of this court stuff would have ever happened, but that she decided to choose Jereme of him. I couldn't believe that he actually said that to her! But on the same hand, I think it is good that he was able to express his feelings to her. We have already notice (and been told) of some differences in his mother and the way she does things. Her and her lifestyle is also another post for another day!

And the last thing that I wanted to talk about was Andi and the situation that happened- as far as me not keeping Chloe again. Basically, I had told her a while back that in the next couple of months I wouldn't be able to keep Chloe anymore. Basically, I just couldn't handle it anymore, I tried to talk to her about it and I ended up upsetting her. It basically blew up in my face. We have since talked about the situation and know that there was a lack of communication. I am happy to say that all is well and worked out. Thankfully!

So, all that being said, I can now move on to more recent things.

Amber and Jennifer's birthdays were both on the 3rd.

Katie's birthday was on the 6th.

Ava's first birthday party is tomorrow.

And today...

Well today was a LONG day my friends! LOTS of time with family which was great! But this getting up at 6am and going, going, going all day long has me beat!

I am completely in shock with the fact that my daughter is going to be 1 on Tuesday.




How in the heck did that happen?
Where the heck did the time go?

I want to smile

and cry

at the same time.

Anyhow, I think that is a sufficient update for right now. Sorry that I have been MIA for a few days. I miss all you blogging buddies of mine and I really want to catch up on my blog reading soon! Hopefully next week!

Miss you lovelies!


Aimee' said...

I'm so glad you guys got the results you wanted from the court! Is Tyler excited about the move? I know how hard being a step parent is...I'm a step parent but LUCKILY we rarely have to deal with the ex. I don't feel like a step parent though, I am their mother...the only one they have. Glad you and your friend worked things out too!! Hope Ava's birthday party was a success!! Lots of March babies!!

LucieP said...

did I miss this post??
I was just wondering how you were girlie??
How did the bday party go?
How is the transition for Tyler?

Ok, enough of the questions...hope all is good!

Kami said...

I didn't know that I could check your blog! I was waiting until you gave the go ahead so sorry I haven't been by.

Yay on the court decision, it sounds like it is what Tyler wants which is the most important thing.

And holy hell 2 exwives that have the same name? WHAT are the odds on that?

Happy birthday to your little Ava!

Stacie said...

ok. you do have a lot going on...and it is good to get it GET IT OUT GIRL.

woohoo on the tyler news!
happy birthday to your baby.
how is the 'other' baby doin?