Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hang on a Bit Longer, Little Guy!

I had a Dr. Appointment on Tuesday. Dr said I was still 1.5cm dilated but went from 40% effaced to 60% effaced. She hooked me up to monitors to check for contractions and did a Fetal Fibronectin Test to check for pre-term labor.

I received a phone call from the Dr's office this morning saying that my results from the Fetal Fibronectin Test came back positive and that I was high risk for possible pre-term labor. I was told to head to the hospital and check in to Antepartum. 

So here I am - at the hospital with a killer headache. They hooked me up to machines for an hour to monitor contractions. I had lots of small 10-20sec Braxton Hicks and one strong 90 sec contraction. Dr said I have a UTI which could be what's causing the contractions. They gave me  IV antibiotics and  fluids and they are keeping me over night to see the high risk Dr in the morning for an u/s. I asked my Dr why she wanted an ultrasound with a high risk doctor and what exactly they were looking for. She said with that type of u/s they are able to see exactly where my water is located, where the baby is positioned and whether my cervix is short or long. The location of my water and baby will allow them to determine whether they need to worry about my water breaking and if my cervix is short, that would be something for them to worry about also (as far as pre-term labor goes).  My doctor also said that they may give me a steroid shot to speed up baby's lung development in case he is born a preemie. She said they normally stop that at 34 weeks so she isn't sure if he will give it to me or not. So, we will know more in the morning after the ultrasound, I suppose.

My doctor also wants me to take the albuterol (she has been wanting me to take it since 31 weeks - I am 34 weeks, 1 day) but I turned it down.  I had a bad experience with that stuff when pregnant with Ava and would prefer avoid it at all costs. Obviously, if I am having consistent contractions, etc then I would take it. But just don't feel like its needed right now. My body is doing what it should be doing, so long as the process doesn't speed up any. This is my last baby and I would like to experience going into labor naturally so I really don't want anything that is going to stop my body from doing that.

I'll update some time after tomorrow when I know more.

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