Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

I absolutely love long weekends with my husband and the kids. It's always a little weird when it's time to go back to the normal weekly routine of husband working and kids in school once the weekend is over.

I already mentioned in my previous post about going to Old Navy's flip flop sale and then to Denny's for breakfast on Saturday morning. The rest of the day was pretty much spent lounging around with Michael and Ava (Tyler was at his mom's). It was definitely a lazy day for us over here, which was kind of nice. Mike and I watched Lethal Weapon 4 and went to bed.

Elise came over on Sunday morning and stayed until Monday afternoon. Being that it wasn't our weekend, it was nice to get a little extra time in with her. We played some guitar hero - haven't played that in a while!
Ava is pinching her nipple (?) and Daddy is showing Elise how to play
Playing Guitar Hero
We had some pretty yucky rain off and on throughout the day, but we still managed to get out and run a few errands. Michael also finished putting the safety latches on the cabinets in the kitchen (finally!) which he had started one day but never got around to finishing.
Silly Girl
Our girls
Sleepy Girl
We picked Tyler up and dropped Ava off at my Dad's for a couple hours while we took the kids to the movies. We saw 'Night At The Museum' - it was alright.

When I dropped Ava off at my Dad's she threw a fit! She has become extremely attached to me more and more, especially in the last week or 2. It absolutely broke my heart so much that I was tempted to tell Michael to go ahead and take the kids to the movies while I stayed with her. But my Dad insisted that she would be fine once I left, and she was.

Ava has to be able to see me at. all. times. She follows me everywhere and will not let me out of her site. She is constantly wanting me to hold her and forget me leaving for a trip to the store without taking her with me.

Amber and I ran to the store last night , Ava already had a bath and her pj's on, so I was going to leave her here with Mike. As soon as I picked up my purse she started crying and putting her arms out saying 'up' for me to pick her up. Needless to say, I ended up taking her with me.

She showed her first signs of jealous over Elise this weekend. I really haven't seen a whole lot of jealousy out of Ava until now. She got really upset when Michael picked Elise up and was loving on her. She did the same thing when we were at my Dad's and my Dad was goofing around with Elise. Ava didn't like that too much either.

I would like to check in to getting her involved in some kind of Mother's Day Out program once or twice a week. I think it is important that she get used to to being away from me and around other people. I am a little worried about how she is going to react to a new baby being around stealing Mommy's attention.

My sister-in-law takes her girls to a Mother's Day Out program offered at her church. It is September through May, so I would have to wait until the summer was over before I'd be able to get her started in it. September is when the baby is due so I have mixed feelings about starting her then. I think it would help to have a few hours (Monday and Thursday 9am-2pm) a week until we get into a routine with Brayden. But on the same hand, I don't want Ava to feel like we are sending her off once the new baby comes.

I talked to my Dad last night and he happily said that he would love to take Ava for a few hours once or twice a week when he is off. Get her used to being away from me some times and also give me a little time to actually get some stuff done. I think it'll be good for her.

On Sunday morning, Elise and I planted some flower seeds in the flower beds. I still have more that I need to plant but first I really need to pull weeds!
Elise is still in her jammies... LOL
Haha, thanks love.
We finally moved Ava from her bedroom (which will now be Brayden's) and into Elise's room - which they will now be sharing.
I have been working on it the last 3 days and I am pretty happy with the way it has turned out so far. I still have a few more things on my to-do list, but one step at a time!
Ava's side
Apparently, there were spots on my camera lens...
I need to do something on this wall above the dresser/TV - it is bare. I would like to try and coordinate both of the girls' themes on this one wall somehow..
Elise's side
I also need to get Elise a comforter that matches her decor, but for now - this will do.

I also want to purchase and paint letters to spell out Elise's name above the boards.
Looks like the frames are a little uneven - I should fix that... I sent a few photo's off to Walgreen's last night, so I'll be putting photo's in the frames today.
What do you think?? Any suggestions?
How was your Memorial Day weekend?


Stacie's Madness said...

love all the pictures!!!

I have been around, but blogger is having issues sometimes. It's frustrating!

Shauna said...

The more you get Ava around kids her own age (without mommy holding her all the time), the less separation anxiety she'll feel! When Dalton was at that stage as a toddler, we would purposely drop him off at grandma's house a couple day a week for a couple of hours at a time, kiss him goodbye, ignore the screaming, and walk out. It was heartbreaking, but it works! :-) The Mother's Day Out programs are great! I love them but haven't gotten to do one in a while.

LucieP said...

a mom's day out program is a good idea!
Matthew is suction cupped to me at all times! It wears me out but at the same time, I love it!