Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fun Project with Daddy

Home Depot has an activity for the kids to do on the first Saturday of every month. My Mom is actually the one who told me about it-my step-dad takes Harley and Evan.

Last month they made bird houses and this month they made a little wheel barrow. My Mom's friend actually brought them the birdhouses to do at home because they weren't able to make it out last month. Mom had an extra one so she sent it home with me for Elise.

Not only did Michael and Elise get to build a wheel barrow together, they also built a birdhouse. I came home from the store and Elise told me that she had made something for me-the birdhouse. So cute.

The kids also get a Home Depot apron, a certificate, a sticker and a pin-to put on their apron-for every activity they do. Elise doesn't have a pin for the birdhouse since we didn't actual go for that one, but she did get a pin for her wheel barrow.

She really enjoyed building her stuff and I think it's some good one on one bonding time for her and Michael. :)

Here are some pictures I took:

Ready to start their project

Working together

They gave Ava an apron too :)

Finished product!


Stacie's Madness said...

how cute and fun!

Shauna said...

Dalton got to do the birdhouse too! He was THRILLED!

LucieP said...

aw that is so fun!