Saturday, May 2, 2009

Check up

I took Ava to her check up on Wednesday. She got her 1 yr shots and her blood drawn for her allergies test. She still has eczema so we are trying to figure out what it is that she is allergic too. I should get a call on Monday with the results.

She weighed 23lbs (90th percentile) and is 29in long (moving up from the 10th percentile to the 50th-she had a growth spurt!).

Doctor recommended crushing up half a vitamin and putting it in applesauce, daily. Flinstone makes the gummy bear vitamins now, so I just bought some of those and split them in half for her.

I also spoke with the doctor about Ava's feet/shins. Her feet turn in really bad (even her big toe) when she walks and her shins look as though that have a slit "bow legged" curve to them. I know that this is common in most babies and that it normally goes away as they get older but I do still worry that it may not fix it's self. Her doctor diagnosed her with Tibial Torsion and Metatarsus Adductus. She said she definitely wants to keep an eye on it, but is pretty confident that it will straighten itself out as she gets older. I'm not really all that worried about it as I know it isn't abnormal.

My girl is getting big and growing up right on schedule. She is a healthy baby girl and that makes her Mommy a happy lady too!

On another note, she does have TWELVE- yes, you read that right- TWELVE mosquito bites on her face! That isn't even including the other bites she as on her body! Poor thing!

Friday night we had some friends over for some BBQ and visiting. They have a little girl close to Elise's age, so they played hard together. Everyone was in and out all night which caused a few stray mosquito's to end up in the house (man I hate that!). I am thinking one must have gotten into Ava's room and just repeatedly bit her over and over throughout the night. Poor baby girl. I have been putting a really small amount of Neosporin on them in order to keep them from getting infected.

And what is up with this Swine Flu!? We are not getting too worried about it, considering thousands of people die a year from the regular flu, but we are being cautious. I have not been able to find any hand sanitizer anywhere because stores are running out of it! Thankfully we have some here. I have been making sure I wipes Ava's hand down often and I even wash them when I wash mine.

My brother and I are going to the SS office tomorrow and I am leaving Ava at home with my sister because I do not want her in that filthy place with the Swine Flu going around-well I wouldn't really want her there anyway!

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Shauna said...

Well you know your little girl is the sweetest thing ever if the mosquitoes love her!!

And holy crap! I can't believe she's only 23 lbs!! Ryan's ALREADY 23 lbs, and he's only 11 months right now! lol