Sunday, May 17, 2009


  • This weekend was absolutely wonderful. Tyler was at his Moms house so it was just me, Michael and the girls.
  • Friday after picking Elise up, we went to Sam's and Walmart for groceries. I cannot believe how much money we spend on groceries now that we have a teenage boy around! I think we will be shopping at Sam's a little more now-buying items in bulk.
  • Saturday we went by Target and picked up a few cheap summer outfits for the girls. Elise was in major need of some summer clothes.
  • Took the girls to Chuck E Cheese for pizza and games! Elise loves going there. We were going to take her to Putt-Putt but she insisted that she preferred to go to Chuck E Cheese!
  • Michael got a hair cut while the girls and I roamed around the Dollar Store and then we enjoyed some Snow Cones before dropping Elise off.
  • An old friend of mine, Shawn, has a band and was playing at a restaurant here in town Saturday evening. It just so happened that a friend of mine was there with her daughter as well as her parents and Katie, Matt and Mason came as well. We hung out on the patio and watched the band play which was nice.
  • Michael mowed and edged the yard this morning while I did some cleaning. Katie and Matt came over and had Chicken Fried Steak, Mashed Potato's and Corn with us for lunch. YUM. Katie and I ran to Old Navy while the guys watched the Rockets game.
  • Ava has had diarrhea and has been throwing up 2 mornings in a row now. It feels like she may be getting a molar in soon, so that may be why. She isn't running any fever or anything and is acting fine throughout the day.
  • I am calling tomorrow to schedule my prenatal massage for Wednesday and I am stoked about it! It'll be nice to enjoy a relaxing, peaceful break for an hour or so. :)

I'll post pictures later.

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Mrs. Toro said...

sounds like a great weekend!! im so enjoying this SAHM stuff!! =) except my girls are at school all day ha!