Sunday, April 19, 2009

Potty Training and Blue Bonnets

Michael, Tyler, Ava and I all spent Easter weekend out of town with my Mom and her side of the family. Ava and I ended up staying a whole week and I loved it! I miss my Mom a lot, so it was nice to be able to just enjoy my time with her and the rest of my family out there.

Ava had another birthday party while we were there and one of her gifts was a new potty. I told my Mom that I would like to start practicing with Ava so she got one for her. I didn't really expect her to start using it just yet. I mainly wanted to start getting her used to the idea of it. She follows me to the bathroom every time I go so she already sort of gets the concept I think. We started practicing yesterday. Every time I went potty, I would take her diaper off and sit her on her potty (it is in the bathroom next to our toilet). This morning she peed in it!!! It scared her at first, LOL. I thought it was just luck, but she peed in it again tonight! I know I still have a lot of training to do and so forth but I am excited that at 13 months old, we are already getting a head start. I think she is going to do really well with it. She is SOOO freakin smart! I am sure it will take a while for her to actually approach me and let me know that she needs to go, but I am still excited to say that on our 2nd day of training, she went twice! Way to go Ava!!!

Today my Aunt Tami treated us all to lunch at Sudie's, Elise LOVES catfish! After lunch, we took some pictures of the girls in the bluebonnets. Ava was really tired as she hadn't had a nap yet, but I got a couple of good ones.

Michael and I told Elise about her baby brother today. She was a little sketchy about it at first but once we finished explaining and assuring her, she was pretty excited about it. She kept saying "Brayden. I want to see my Brayden." and kissing my belly. She is such a sweet girl.

Easter was fantastic by the way, all except the part where my Aunt wrecked the motorcycle and split her knee open. But that is a story for another day. My Aunt Becky has an AWESOME new Canon Camera that I have been wanting for a while now. It's about $600.00 or so, plus another $200 or so for the zoom piece. This camera has been on the TOP of my wish list! Hopefully one day I can get it!

She got some awesome pictures (about 250 to be exact) of our Easter weekend and I can not wait to get a copy of them. My mom is putting them on a disc for me and is going to mail them to me. Can't wait to share them with you!

Here are the blue bonnet pictures:

We had to get Lily's picture in the Blue Bonnets also! :)


Mrs. Toro said...

Your girls are so precious!! I am totally embarrassed to admit this but...I've been reading Elise's name as "Elsie" since I started reading your blog...uhh, Guess I just really like the name Elsie...but Elise is beautiful too! I just feel a little stupid now! lol

Stacie's Madness said...

great pictures...where's your baby bump? :)