Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat!

This weekend has been a pretty busy one for sure! Friday Ava and I attended a wedding that both my sisters were bridesmaid's in.
Michael and I attended a parent teacher conference on Friday morning, but that my friends, is a whole 'nother post in its self.

Friday morning and early afternoon was spent running Heather and Amber around trying to help them get ready for the wedding at 4. (Who gets married on Halloween, anyway!?) Ava and I attended but only stayed for the ceremony and made it home with just enough time to get Ava dressed in her costume and snap a few photos of the girls together before having to take Elise home.

Our beautiful girls

I dropped Elise off and Michael picked Tyler up and we headed to my cousin Tammy's house for some pizza before taking all the kids trick or treating. I was happy that Ava got to spend her first Halloween with my mom, step dad, Harley, Evan, Tammy & Greg and Karlee & Kaden as well as Michael, Tyler and myself of course. :)

The kids had a good time, as did we.
Tyler (Halo) and Ava (pink butterfly) ready to Trick Or Treat

Daddy and Ava

Tyler, Michael and Ava

Tyler-Master Chief from Halo

Mommy and Ava going to her first house to trick or treat.

Our Trick Or Treaters

Daddy taking Ava to Trick Or Treat

These people decorated their whole garage!

Ava chillin' in her stroller.

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Stacie said...

love her costume...and matching shoes!