Friday, November 7, 2008

Psycho Hairdresser

Just got both of the babies down for a nap. Notice it's about 30 minutes earlier than the schedule, but we're doin good!

While I have the time, I figured that I might as well post about last Friday night. Since I am sure you all are DYING to hear about it!

I'm going to sum it up as best as possible while also giving you a good idea of how ABSOLUTELY crazy these 2 people were.

Let me back up a bit.

My sister Heather (lives in College Station) came into town on Thursday night. Her and my sister Amber were Bridesmaid's in Kristin's wedding. I took them both to the rehearsal Thursday night and picked them up after the rehearsal dinner.

On Friday I was busy running both the girls to nail appointments, hair appointments and so on. (Some one ran a red light and hit my sister a few months ago. Totalled her car)

So anyways, Heather had decided that she wanted to rent a limo on Friday night and go bar hopping in Houston with some friends as well as my brother and I. (this was the first time all 3 of us had gone out together since Heather turned 21) So we got some friends together and Michael called up an old friend of his and got us a FABULOUS deal on a limo from 8pm-2am. (thanks dear)

The more people we had in the limo, the less each person had to pay (we all split the cost). So, when I picked Amber and Heather up from the hair salon, they started telling me about their hairdresser (who did a horrible job on Heathers hair, by the way!) I believe her name was Kristine or Kristy, some thing like that. We'll stick with Kristine.

Kristine is 28, has 2 kids and a boyfriend from what they told me. She overheard Heather discussing the plans for our night out and said that she would love to join us and would bring a friend along as well.

Cool, no big deal, right?


After trick or treating with the kids and all that good stuff we had the limo driver pick us up from my house at 8:30pm. Kristine in her friend (who she later told us was "just her neighbor". Could have fooled me! They were all over each other. Wonder what her boyfriend would have thought of that..) as well as Heathers friends Jessica and Brandon and Kristin's cousin Robert all met at my house.

Michael was on the phone with Kristine trying to give her directions and he kept telling us how crazy she was! While giving directions to her, out of the blue she decides to tell Mike "They built a new Chick-Fil-Lay by my house and when I drove by, it almost made me come!" WHAT??!
She told Mike that when she got here she had a bottle of Vodka to drink with "her Mikey".


So anyways, they show up being loud and obnoxious to say the very least. We all load up and head out to pick up my brother and Jessica's boyfriend.

Every one of us had to bite our tongue the whole way to the first club. It was quite obvious as time went by that Kristine and her neighbor were apparently messed up on some kind of drugs. At the first club they actually tried to give us some unknown pills! REALLY!?

Anyhow, to make a LOOONG story short, they were acting CRAZY! They actually tried to get the limo driver to leave us! At the end of the night, a little before 2 am we all loaded up to head home. Kristine decided to lose control and act psychotic! Screaming and yelling and actually punched my sister in the arm at one point! We asked them to please get out of the limo and get a taxi which we offered to pay for. They were having none of it. We finally ended up calling the cops over and had them both removed from the vehicle and we were on our marry way.

We didn't get home until 3:30 am and then I had to leave and take the other's home because we had already kept the limo driver way past his time and tipped him nicely for it!

I don't know what those 2 were on, but it was ridiculous!! They called and left TEN voicemails on my brothers phone talking all kinds of CRAZY stuff. One message they were even talking to my mom! Another they were singing "8-6-7-5-3-0-9!!!" and then talking about chinese take out and all kinds of random, crazy stuff. WTF?!


So... what lesson did we learn folks?

DO NOT invite your hairdresser (or anyone, for that matter) that you don't know, no matter how "cool" they seem.

It could get ugly.

Real ugly.

But all that aside, we still has a GREAT time! We pretty much stayed away from them at both clubs we went too, so they didn't ruin our night until the end.

My mom actually called them the next night and said "This is David's mother. I believe you left a message for me last night from this number"

The girl denied it saying that it must have been some one else and hung up the phone. I'm sure once she sobered up she was pretty embarrassed.

P.s.-Thank you to my wonderful husband for staying home with the baby so I could enjoy a night out with my brother and sister. :)

I feel like I have gone out a little more than I would like lately. Does that make me a bad mom? Do you think I am going out to much? Being a stay-at-home mom is absolutely wonderful, but every once in a while it's nice to get a little time with my friends. Am I being selfish?

I think I'm gonna take a break from going out for a while. Enjoy my time with my husband and our kiddos.

Some of our group: "The Neighbor", "The Psycho Hairdresser", Heather, Jessica and Myself

Us again + Brandon

Jessica, Heather and I

Jessica and Heather
Jessica and Heather dancing
David and I

Heather, Jessica and David

David and Jessica (he wore his Halloween costume-A Catholic Priest.)

Jessica and I

Them taking their Jager Bombs (YUCK) and me with my Vodka.

We thought Heather was gonna throw up...

Nope, just needed a minute. She's good.

Heather, Me and David
Jessica and I again..


The girls (Plus 2 weird dudes in the back??)

Me, my cousin John and David


Stacie said...

you aren't a bad mom because you have been is good to take some time for yourself.

crazy hair dresser and all, sounds like a fun night!

Ashley said...

Thanks! It feels good to get out sometimes. Was just afraid I was doing too much for a little bit.