Monday, November 24, 2008

OCD much??

For the past couple of weeks I have quite possibly been experiencing a little OCD. I am so tired of everything being so disorganized and cluttered around here that I have decided to do something about it. The last time I went this crazy with it was when I was pregnant and "nesting".

It may have something to do with Raina! LOL Every time I go to her house she has all kinds of new decor. Everything matches and looks absolutely amazing! That's one thing I hate about our home, is that nothing matches. There's no "theme" and stuff is just kinda scattered about. Of course it takes money to do interior decorating.. money we don't have! So I thought I could at least do what I can for now and organize, eliminate things that aren't needed, and slowly, over time, get something new here and there. I'm one of those people who likes to get everything at once. I wish I could just go out and buy all kinds of things to redecorate the house, but that my friends, is not possible. So.. I'll just have to suck it up and work slowly.

The things I hate about buying one thing at a time is:

1. I'm one of those people who needs everything in front of me to get an idea of what I want. So when I buy one thing at a time and then try to buy something else, it doesn't always turn out looking like I hoped it would. (I guess if that happens, I'll just have to make a lot of trips for returns!)

2. The house is really going to look ridiculous for a while until I get it all the way I want it. But seeing as it doesn't match at all now, I guess it wont really make much of a difference.

Our pantry has, for some odd reason or another, become or junk closet as well. Don't know where to put something?? Just throw it in the pantry! Now who the hell does that?? (Obviously, we do) SO, last week I pulled everything out and reorganized.

Last week I was cleaning the kitchen and went to get the 409 out from under the sink and decided that it needed to be organized as well. So I pulled the 123598759 freaking vases, cleaners and cleaning supplies out and neatly organized it all. This is the reason I never get everything done that I actually planned on getting done. Because I go to do one thing, and always find some way to distract myself into doing something other than what I was originally doing. Ugh. Hey, at least I am getting SOMETHING done!

This weekend, was the cabinets. We kind of had all of our tupperware just thrown in there. Lids and bowls all over the place and it was beginning to aggravate the hell out of me. So I pulled it all out and matched all the lids to their proper tupperware bowls and stacked them all neatly in the cabinets.

In the corner of our room, we have accumulated a nice huge pile of bills and more junk. So I also went through all of that and filed everything away in the filing cabinet like it should be.

I FINALLY went through all of Ava's clothes and stored away the summer clothes and the clothes she no longer fits in. It was getting a bit ridiculous.

Today, I decided to organize the attic. That's right, the attic. Who organizes their attic?? I guess I do. I went through boxes, threw away some stuff and combined some stuff to make a little more room in there. I finally have all the boxes of Christmas decorations together (we have like 6!) so we don't have to dig around to find all of them and I also put all the misc stuff together. We actually have quite a bit more room in there now and as I said before, it'll be a little easier to find what we need, when we need it.

I took down all of the fall decorations today (still have to put them up in the attic though) and am hoping to get the Christmas decorations out this weekend. We are getting a REAL Christmas tree this year and I am pretty darn excited about that! I hate fake tree's. It's not Christmas without the smell of a Christmas tree :) I'm a little nervous to see how the girls are with that. I'm sure it's gonna be tough keeping them out of the front room and away from the pretty little ornaments hanging on the Christmas tree that they are going to want to pull off with their chubby little hands! Lord help me. LOL

This evening I changed the door knob on Ava's door. Her room leads into our bathroom which leads into our room. There is no door separating her room from our bedroom. So the kids can walk through her room to get to ours. There is a lock on our bedroom door but not one on Ava's which doesn't make much since. So anyways, I wanted to be able to lock Ava's door so our lovely teenage boy doesn't get the urge to sneak in our closet and look at the Christmas presents. He's sneaky like that.. or so he thinks. :)

I also took some of Ava's toys out of the play room that she no longer uses. I guess I need to get all that up in the attic too. I have some things to take to the resale shop, which I plan on doing tomorrow. I also plan on going through my clothes and taking some of them up to Plato's closet. I don't wear half of them, but yet I keep getting more clothes so it's getting a bit crowded in there now. So I really need to get rid of some. Plus, maybe then Mike will believe me a little more when I tell him that I NEED clothes ;) Right now, he isn't buying it.

I'm actually kind of liking this. This whole OCD stuff. I've gone through my phases. When I had my own apartment it always stayed clean and organized and I was pretty OCD about everything being in a certain place. But then again, that was just me, myself and I living there and no baby keeping my busy!

Ava is now pulling all of the magazines off of the end table as I speak. Lovely. Gotta run!


Andi said...

Ha =) That is what I am worried about, the Christmas tree. Pretty certain munchkin will hearing 'no Chloe, no touch..' quite often throughout the month of December. And you will have 2 babies!?
I am the same way. Once I get started, I seriously can't stop. I have to freaking sweep everyday because of the tile floor in the kitchen and living room and with Chloe crawling everywhere!! Geez ;)

Ashley said...

So I'm thinking that the next time we decide to go shopping, we should instead have an OCD party! That way we would save money AND get our houses cleaned and organized! Im totally down with that. I can go to your house and help then you can come to mine.

Lets set a date. ;-)

Man I'm a DORK. BA HA HA HA!

Cloggsy said...

I felt like I was reading something I wrote, with that post! I'm the same. Want the house to match, don't have the money to do it. Want everything clean and clear, so spend hours doing one drawer or closet! It's never ending. And if Emma rips up another one of my magazines, I'm gonna scream!