Monday, November 24, 2008

I am an idiot.

There have been many times that I receive an email any time someone comments my blog. It shows me who it is from and what the comment is and gives me the option of publishing the comment.

Well, I haven't received any emails about comments in a while and assumed that nobody loved me anymore (kidding:)). I went to the dashboard on my blog a minute ago and saw something saying that I had 13 un-moderated comments!!! WHOA! When did that happen!!?

So, Stacie and Cloggsy (I SO just learned how to link! GO ME!!) thank you for your comments and I apologize for being a complete dumb ass. Now I know how to check my comments, so there shouldn't be a repeat of this tiny little mishap. ;)

Keep the comments coming, I was feeling a little blue when I thought I wasn't receiving any. :)

Michael--you know you can comment right?? You should try it some time. Say hello. Let a girl know your stoppin by. ;) Love youuu.


**Jamie** said...

I had no idea that you can monitor comments. I always fing that people commented me just by going back and looking ... geez

How does it work?

<3 Jamie

Ashley said...

You go to settings, click on the 'comments' tab, and down at the bottom is a section for "Comment moderation". If you select 'Always' then your comments wont be published until you have looked them over and chosen for them to be published. I used to get emails telling me when I had comments to moderate but obviously that isn't the case anymore. So if you decided to set yours that way, you go under the "postings" tab and click on Moderate Comments. If you have any comments they will appear there. :)

Cloggsy said...

I actually thought you were mad at me for a moment and I could think why!! Glad you sorted it out!

Cloggsy said...

Oh, you know you can choose the option of comments being emailed to you and automatically published, right? So they get published straight away, but you also get the email like before (but you don't need to do anything with the email)

Makes things SO much easier!

Kami said...

This happened to me once too! It was wonderful to discover that people still loved me...I mean, commented!

Blogger is a beast but once you learn it, it's all good


Kami said...

Oh and did you and Jamie know that you can have comments made on your blog emailed to you?

If you can't figure out how, email me, I'll help you!

Stacie said...


Look at you learning all these new things ;) go you!