Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Birthday Boy Evan Turns 8 Today!

Ava, Amber, David, Chloe and I all loaded up in my car around 4:15ish today and headed to daycare to pick Elise up. We all went over to my moms house for Evan's birthday party. There was quite a group there to celebrate. We had cake and ice cream and Evan got lots of cool gifts.

We took Elise home and then dropped Chloe off after.

Christina, Zolan and Silas all came over and my brother cooked dinner. It was yummy!

David, Amber and I are relaxing on the couch watching some Gossip Girl now.

I am keeping Chloe until about 7:30 tomorrow. I am making dinner and David, Amber and I are heading over to Jennifer's after Chloe gets picked up. Jennifer and Ryan moved into their new apartment Saturday, so we are going to see their place.

Did I mention last night that I noticed Ava was missing an ear ring??

Well, she was. I noticed it while we were out getting Evan's bike. I found the back on the floor in the living room but no earring. So I am assuming the earring fell out while we were at the store or something. So I had to pick up a new pair of earrings for her and thankfully I caught her piercing before it closed up.

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