Sunday, September 21, 2008

Where does the time go?

I should be in bed already, seeing as it is getting close to midnight and I have to be up at 6am. But here I am, blogging. Go figure.

Between caring for the little one, spending time with the kiddos and the hubby, trying to get the house back in order and get back into our normal routines, I just have not been able to find the time to blog.

Picked Tyler up last Thursday and he is staying here until next Thursday morning. School is out for another week due to excessive damage from Hurricane Ike. Tyler is enjoying it. At least until he learned that he will, in fact, have to make these days up at some point. Bummer.

Picked Elise up from daycare on Friday around 5:30ish. Melanie told me that she takes Elise to Starbucks every Friday morning and gets her either a vanilla scone and chocolate milk or sometimes a donut depending on her mood. She was running late Friday morning and was not able to take her but promised to take her after daycare. So since I picked her up from daycare, I went ahead and took her by Starbucks which she was very excited about... Up until they told me that they were out of scones and donuts! (Many businesses are not yet up and running like normal yet, due to Hurricane Ike) AHH! Thankfully, McDonalds was right across the street and she settled for an ice cream cone and a chocolate milk.

Michael made it home shortly after we did.I cooked dinner and we all ate together. Elise and Ava took a bath together. Elise doesn't like to take a bath without her baby sister now that Ava has a bath seat to sit it. It actually makes the bathing process much faster if you ask me.Shortly after bath time, we did our bedtime routine with Ava and Elise and went to bed ourselves not long after. Saturday, Ava and I picked Andi and Chloe up and headed to the mall (my 3rd time *trying* to go since the Hurricane) which still was not fully up and running either. Some parts of the mall was, but JcPenny was not. I bought Michael 2 pairs of jeans and I need to exchange one of them. They are supposed to be open tomorrow, so we shall see. We headed over to Target to get a few things and them headed home. While I was gone, Michael pulled the weeds in the front flower beds while Elise played with Morgan and Madison. I bought Elise a princess puzzle from Target, so we put that together. She also painted while I cleaned out some of the junk drawers.

We have SO many drawers in the kitchen, that half of them weren't being used. Somehow we have now made use of those drawers and had 7 junk drawers! 7!!! Really!? How we managed to accumulate 7 junk drawers is beyond me. So while Elise painted, I cleaned out the junk drawers and we now only have 3. Still seems like quite a few, but technically not all of it is junk per say. One drawer has light bulbs and picture hanging stuff, another has batteries and the other has junk. I feel much better about our junk drawers.

Moving on...

While cleaning out the previously mentioned junk drawers, Elise happened to see the tape and decided that she wanted to "tape stuff". So I folded a piece of computer paper in half and drew the outline of half a heart. She cut it out, unfolded it and used about 5 large pieces of tape to put it on the refrigerator. Beautiful. :)

We all went together (including Tyler!) to take Elise home. After dropping her off, we drove by the house that Michael grew up in (his Dad built it) to see if it made it through the hurricane. No damage to that house, but LOTS of trees and limbs down in the area. We drove around and observed while Mike told us childhood memories. That was a nice family moment. :)

Went to church this morning. Michael watched the Texans (they sucked). Tracy and Bob came by to use our dryer (theirs broke). Michael left for work and Ava, Tyler and I went to my Dad's for dinner. Pot Roast, YUM!

Ava is getting really close to crawling. We video taped her at my Dad's house tonight. I enjoyed visiting with them. Ava was exhausted when we got home. I didn't even rock her tonight like I do every night. I just laid her in bed and she was out within seconds.

She says Ma-Ma now, as of yesterday, but that's another post for another day. It is now midnight, and I really need to get to bed.

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