Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I love getting things done.

Cleaned house today. Lots. Got the basics done. Kitchen, living room, playroom, sweeping mopping and so on. Mainly just have a little laundry to finish up, the bathrooms to clean and Elises room.

Got Fall decorations put out yesterday. :)

Bought shirts for Michael and I to wear for our Anniversary photos that a friend of a friend is taking for us on Saturday for a really good price. Don't think I like the shirt I picked for Michael, so will probably take that one back.

Finishing up cleaning tomorrow. It's pretty tough to get everything done in one day with 2 little ones crawling all over the place. Plus a messy teenage boy! :)

My Love came home tonight so he can sleep next to me and is heading back to Columbus early tomorrow morning. I am glad to have him home. It's nice when he can make it home on a Wednesday night so then I really only have to go a couple days without seeing him as opposed to 5.

When I put Ava in her pink infant bathtub tonight, she decided it was time to poop. AGAIN! UGH... My wonderful hubby cleaned it all up for me and ran her another bath while I wiped her down. Thanks Dear!

Not much else to blog about...
Going to crawl in bed next to My hubby for a great nights sleep.

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