Monday, September 1, 2008

2 little munchkins...

Friday night after Amber got off we moved all of her things out of the front room and into her new room! YA!!!! We also moved the pool table out of the dining room and back into the front room. It looks SO much better in here already! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders just by taking care of that. It has really been bugging me a lot lately. I moved all of Ava's toys and play mats into the dining room which will now be the play room. I picked up a cute pink and brown rug from Target today to put in there. I can't wait to get it all decorated and organized and so forth, but I'll just have to wait on that for now as we have other expenses right now. (One being my car!!!!!!!!!!! Ill get to that later...)
Saturday evening Michael and Tyler hung out at home while Ava and I went over to Andi's house to hang out. Me, Andi, Larry and a couple of their neighbors hung out and had a few cold beers. Andi and I played with the kiddos and went through Chloe's scrapbook and picture albums. I had a really good time. Andi got a lot of really good pictures on her kick ass camera but she hasn't uploaded them yet so Ill have to share those later. But here are some that I took.
Ava swinging in Chloe's swing

Chloe riding in her car
Look at those pretty blues
"Beep, Beep!"

Ava swinging outside
Happy girl
Chloe and I

Ava riding in Chloe's car

On Sunday morning we picked Elise up and all went to church for Ava's dedication. But not before Ava had a poop explosion on my bed! UGH... that was lovely! She has had 7 poop explosions in the last 3 days (4 of them being today!) I have been told that the antibiotics are what is causing the diarrhea, but sheesh!

Moving on..

Her dedication went well. We had a pretty good crowd there. Michael, Ava, Tyler, Elise and I of course, as well as Jennifer, Ryan, Andi, Larry, Caleb, Chloe, Dad, Kim, Kim's Mom, Ethan, Eric, Jared, Mom, Corey, Harley, Evan, Tammy, Karlee, Kaden, Janice and Aunt Tami (I think I got everyone..Thank you all!)

My car is now starting to F**k up on me! UGH!! Seriously?!

When I start it, it wont let me switch gears out of park for some reason. It did this twice today! I tried everything from turning the steering wheel to restarting the car numerous times. It finally started working but did it again! The second time it did it, Amber and I were leaving Las Ramada's(or something like that. That place is GROSS!) after Ava had, yet another poop explosion while we were in the restaurant. It was all over her car seat and her blanket. It was GROSS! So we decided to leave and I stripped her down in parking lot and wiped her and her car seat off. Then get in, only to find that I am not able to put my car in reverse, nor does the AC work. We tried and tried for at least 20-25 minutes. I called my Dad and he was gonna head over to help us out when we finally got it working. I was SO irritated! Dad is coming over in the morning to see if he can fix it for me. Guess that's what I get for buying a used vehicle. UGH!

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