Thursday, July 17, 2008

Weekend Pictures

Just a few more pictures from this weekend...

Harley stayed the night here Friday night with Elise. I got Elise this Dora hop scotch water game so the girls played with that for a while and then when Michael got home we gave Elise her scooter that we forgot to give her on her birthday. Saturday we helped Katie and Matt move and the girls colored and helped us unpack a little.

Michael has been out of town for a few weeks now, only coming home on the weekend. He says this job will be a couple more months long... Pretty sure this out of town crap will never end. I try to be understanding and not complain about it but I really don't see me dealing with it forever... Hopefully he doesn't allow it to ruin yet another family. He doesn't get very good service out there either, so that doesn't help the situation. I always wonder what he is up too..

But anyways, Ava, Tyler and I are doing well. Tyler is making really good grades in his Science class for summer school, so that's good. Hopefully he will do better next year and won't have to do this summer school stuff again. He is so smart, he just doesn't apply himself. I'm hoping to help change that.

Not much else going on around here...

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