Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Saturday Night Out

This Saturday night Amber kept Ava so that Michael and I could go out for a while. First we went to a Sushi Bar in Sante Fe to meet our neighbors Eric and Raina and a bunch of their family and friends for Eric's birthday celebration. Most of them were buzzing pretty good by the time we got there. LOL We had a drink with them and then headed to the Comedy Club to meet up with a few of our friends, some of them including Katie, Matt, Mike's friend George and his date and a few of Katie and Mat ts friends. It was my first time to go to a comedy show and I really enjoyed it! That's something I wouldn't mind doing again. After the show we went over to the Nutty Bar and met up with Stephanie for a few drinks. Here are a couple pictures from the Comedy Club. I also have a photo of Mike and I with Eric and Raina at the sushi bar but Ill have to get that up later.

Here is the photo of Raina, Mike, Eric and I celebrating for Eric's birthday. I think Raina has a couple more photos. Maybe I'll have her email them to me.

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