Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Short and Sweet

Its gettin late and Im exhausted. Just wanted to give a little update. I feel so behind on my blog.. There has been so much going on that I cant even keep track of what happened on what day, and so forth.

Didn't get the kids this weekend. Mike didn't make it home in time to pick Elise up so we were going to get her Saturday but by the time Michael called they were on their way out of town or whatever. He tried to get her for dinner on his birthday but that didn't happen either. I know he was pretty bummed that he wasn't able to talk to her or see her :( But we get her this Friday, so I think we will pick him up a cookie cake and have a little celebration for daddy with our little princess. We sure have missed her and Tyler.

My step-grandfather passed away on Friday morning. He was admitted on Monday for breathing treatments and due to complications, went in to cardiac arrest. They were not able to resuscitate him. Tonight was the viewing from 6-8. In the many years that my step-father has been a part of our family, I have never seen him cry before until today. (besides a few happy tears at my wedding) He took this pretty hard. Breaks my heart. Tomorrow morning we are going to the memorial service at the church that he was a member at and the burial after that. Michael is one of the pall bearers.

I worked today and then picked Ava up from my moms and headed home to meet with the gentleman to go over the pictures of Ava that they came and took at my house a couple weeks ago. Of course he suckered me in to spending a little more than I had planned, but thankfully I have some money coming in now as well and was able to cover some of the expense myself. Feels great :) It really felt good to be able to purchase a gift for my husbands birthday with my own EARNED money and not his, LOL. Ava's pictures are being sent via UPS and should arrive in 3-4 weeks. Bummer. I was really hoping to receive them sooner than that, but what can you do?

Pretty sure that 'tis all for now...So much for short and sweet huh?


Cloggsy said...

You're gonna think I'm a nut job, but last night, I had a dream about you and Ava. Ava had gone missing and I had found her, but couldn't get in touch with you to let you know. I was freaking out - this all happened at a book yard sale.

Don't ask!!!

Yes, I'm slightly crazy, it's true!

Ashley said...


Shauna said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your step-grandpa. :-( *Hugs* Can't wait to see Ava's new pics! Looks like she's getting big pretty fast. lol :-)