Monday, May 12, 2008

She's such a butterball!

I had Ava's picture taken at Olan Mills about a month ago because I had a coupon for a free package. I picked them up on the 1st of this month and have just now gotten around to scanning them. I ordered her other pictures as well, but those wont be here for about 3 weeks. Here are the 2 poses I got from Olan Mills.

Ava and I had a lovely Mothers Day together. We spent some time with my mom and then we went to a Mommy Ice Cream Social with some of our mommy friends, including Katie and Mason. I really enjoyed that! We also went by Mikes sister Tracy's house and visited with Mikes mom and the girls for a while. Its always wonderful seeing her.

My dad and his girlfriend Kim painted a flower pot and put Ava's hand prints and foot prints on each side of the pot. On the bottom they wrote To: Mommy From: Ava Mothers Day 2008. I'm not sure how long ill be able to keep the flowers alive but ill try! LOL At least I have a keepsake for my first Mothers Day. That really meant a lot to me. They made it weeks ago when my dad kept Ava for me while I worked.. Way to plan ahead! :)

It is after midnight already and I have work in the morning! I better quit blogging and get my butt in bed or Ill be regretting it tomorrow. Goodnight Loves.

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