Saturday, May 17, 2008

Friday Fun in the Sun

Ava and I met with Jennifer for lunch at BJ's today to talk about some things. It was nice.

At 4:30 I brought in my resume and interviewed for this new job. I should hear something back by the middle of next week. Cross your fingers for me!

After the interview I stopped into Carters and picked up a swimsuit, robe and flip-flops for Elise to wear to the pool party this evening. When I got home, Michael, Tyler, Elise, Ava and I all headed to the pool in our neighborhood which Raina rented out for the party. The water was a bit chilly but that didn't stop the kids. Elise wanted me to get in with her and hold her, so needless to say, I was a bit chilly myself. The kids had a good time though. Elise was crackin us up! Instead of "bathing suit" she says "band-aide soup!" I tried to break it down for her by saying "Bay-Thing-Suit" and it came out "Band-Day-Soup!" She is something else! After the pool party Elise and I drove over to Katie's to drop off some Karo syrup for Mason. He is having a little trouble using the bathroom. :( When we got home we did the usual nightly routine-dinner, bathing both the girls, blow drying Elise's hair and prayers. Daddy, Elise and Ava have already gone to bed. Tyler is watching TV and after I finish this I am going to take advantage of my free time and try to finish up some more laundry.

Tomorrow morning we will be taking Ava for her shots and then we are going to Jared's soccer game. They are also having a baby convention at the George R Brown Convention Center this weekend and I think Katie and I are planning on attending that on Sunday.

Ill leave you with some pictures from today...

Such a cutie pie

Daddy and Ava
Elise and Morgan

Elise, Ava and I

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