Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bunch of nothing..

I don't really have much of anything to post about... Ava and I spent the day relaxing at home. Katie, Mason and her 2 little cousins Chloe and Casey came over today and hung out with us. We always enjoy spending time with them. I got a pretty bad migrane this afternoon so when Mike got home, him and Ava hung out together so that I could nap for a little bit. That's pretty much all that went on today. I really need to go to the store tomorrow and get a few things for the house as well as some formula for the little munchkin. I need to get my eyebrows waxed... and I also need to go get my rings sized. I actually haven't been wearing them the last few days because I have been pretty close to losing them down the sink due to the fact that they are way to big! I was about 4 months pregnant when I got them sized and I didn't really think the size of my fingers had changed much, but I guess they did. So.. I should probably try to get those sized pretty soon so that I can wear them again. It feels weird without them.
Ohhh... my lovely husband got me one of those digital picture frames for Mothers Day. I haven't used it yet but I'm really excited about it! I gotta figure out what pictures I want on there and get it all set up. I love those things! Thank you stud muffin ;)
That's pretty much all I've got for now. Boooring.. Ill leave you with some pics from today.. :)

Mason and I hanging out

Haha, look at that face! She gets upset when I take her bottle away to burp her. My little piglet!

Mason- Look at that smile!


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