Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ava's first dip in the pool

Saturday morning, Michael, Tyler, Elise, Ava and I headed off to Clear Lake EMS center to get Ava's immunizations. I was expecting that I would get pretty upset but I did really well because my princess was such a big girl! She got 3 shots and 1 oral. They gave 2 of the shots at the same time with the 3rd shot immediately following. She didn't start to cry until the 3rd shot and even then she literally only cried for, like, 3 seconds. I was so proud of her! She fussed a little bit after we left but not much at all. She did feel as though she may have had a small fever so I went ahead and gave her a little Tylenol just in case but she did really well, considering. After her shots we headed to the church for Jared's soccer game. Elise made friends with another little girl, Teresa while we were there and they ate snow-cones and picked flowers the whole time. Lol

After the game we headed to the park in Friendswood so Elise could play. There was a birthday party going on there and one of the mothers told me that a police officer just warned them that there had just been a vehicle break in and to keep an eye on our things. That was a little unsettling so we decided to go ahead and come home. Elise played outside with cookie and Lily for a little while and then we took her home.

This morning Michael and I took Ava for a little stroll around the neighborhood. She usually loves to be outside but was a little fussy this morning. Ava and I went over to Katie's and hung out at the pool for a little bit. We didn't stay long as it was really hot out today and I certainly didn't wanna take a chance on Ava getting a sunburn. Of course I did put sunscreen on her but that doesn't always work sometimes and babies have such sensitive skin. The water was a little chilly but I still took Ava for a little dip. She fussed for a minute but was fine after that. I only kept her in long enough to get a couple pictures of her first dip in the pool. Michael blew up the old floaty that Elise used when she was a baby and I put Ava in that for a minute. After hanging at the pool for a little while we decided to take a dip in the hot tub. It wasn't heated but was a little warmer than the pool was. Here are some pictures from the pool and hot tub..

Ava's first dip in the pool
"Mommy, what are you doing to me? This water is cold!"

Kisses from Mommy

Takin a little nap, all bundled up in my ducky towel


After Ava and I got home, my dad and the boys stopped by to pick up Lily for my aunt. The kids played and dad played with Ava for a little while. Michael, Tyler and I went to dinner at red Lobster and used the gift card that Amber got for Mike on his birthday. When we got home, Michael, Ava and I cuddled up on the couch and watched NCIS before Daddy had to go to bed. Its almost time for Ava's next feeding and then I think we will call it a night as well. Hope you all had a good weekend. I sure did enjoy mine :)


Cloggsy said...

Too cute!

NordanticElaine said...

awww! I love all of the new pictures! They're so cute! :-D