Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Why So Blue?

It hasnt been the greatest day, by far. I have been in my pajamas the last 2 days, no make up, hair thrown up, laying around, doing not much of anything. So that's a bit depressing in itself. Not to mention the family issues that are going on right now between 2 people. And it has absolutely nothing to do with me, but is upsetting me like I am part of the situation. Ugh.

The weather has been gross, and I can't leave the house because Im supposed to be on bedrest and was out quite a bit this weekend between the family portraits and all. I think I just may have to run out and grab myself something to eat this evening. We dont have much here to eat without cooking a full meal and Im not about to do that for just myself. I think I need to get out of the house a little anyway. Maybe Ill drive over to see my mom. Probably not though... although I wanna get out, I also dont feel like doing anything. Im just pretty blah right now.

Ava is getting really big and it almost seems as though she is growing, but my belly isnt! My stomache isn't even round anymore because she is bulging out all over the place. Her feet shoved up into my rib-cage doesnt feel so hot either. Im just ready for this pregnancy to be over with and for my husband to be back home again.

What a crummy, blah day.
Maybe Ill just go to sleep.
I dont know.


Heather said...

hi honey!!! i hope u feel better soon!!! :) mike will be home with u quicker than u know!!!! :)

Ashley said...

Thank you :)

...LiFe aS aN AirForce Wife... said...

ASHLEY!!!i know how you feel with the kickin in the rib cageee.. notttt cool!!!! i hope it gets better...