Monday, February 11, 2008

Our Weekend

Im post happy tonight!!! :)

Mommy Club ended around 6pm on Friday and shortly after, Dina (Tylers grandmother) showed up to drop off Tyler and his friend Mike, who was staying the night. My baby showed up around 7-ish and I was definitely happy to see him, although I was exhausted as was Mike. We went to bed fairly early (@ 9:30) which was nice. I always love having my baby home with me on the weekends and em ecstatic that this is his last week out of town! It'll be great to have him home again. Saturday morning Michael picked Elise up at 10am. Then it was time to get everyone ready for our pictures at Sears. Elise was wearing pink shoes which would not have looked good in the photos, as we all wore black shoes. On top of this, the white button down shirt that I thought was Mike's turned out to be my brothers and the sleeves were too short on him. So we left for Sears a little early so that we could get Michael a shirt and Elise a pair of black shoes/socks. Then it was picture time! I think they all turned out pretty good. After taking the photos we then had to go over them and decided which ones we wanted and so on. All in all, it took about 2 hours which by then we were all pretty hungry. We went to Lubys and waited in an extremely long line. We were then so full that we were miserable. We came home and Elise played with her play-dough while I laid down on the couch for a bit. It was too long before it was time to take Elise home. I rode with Michael and we then went by his sister Tracy's house to visit with her, Bob and the girls. Needless to say, by the time we got home that evening I was EXTREMELY exhausted. My doctor probably wouldnt have been too happy with me if she were to know all of the running around I did! Last night when Michael and I went to bed, I started massaging his back right below his shoulder blade and much to my suprise he was ticklish!!! It was SO funny! I kept doing it over and over and then he would tickle me back and so on. I just thought it was fun to lay in bed a giggle with my husband. I love moments like that :) Today we pretty much just hung around the house and Michael left around 3 for Corpus Christi. All the running around this weekend definately caught up with me today. I have been laying around on the couch since Michael left. My whole body is achy and Im really tired! But it was a good weekend, none-the-less.

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