Wednesday, February 13, 2008

No More Bed Rest!!!

It's amazing how much your own physical appearance can have an affect on how you feel. These last couple of days I have stayed in my jammies, with my hair thrown in a ponytail and absolutely no make up on. Just laying around.

So waking up this morning, straightening my hair, doing my makeup and actually changing out of my jammies definitely made a difference! Of course I didnt have much of a choice, seeing as I had a doctors appointment this morning at 10 am. But I did feel much more motivated today! Maybe that also had a little to do with the good news I got from my doctor.

She told me that I no longer have to take the Albuterol (ya!) and that, as of tomorrow, I can come off bed rest since I will be 36 weeks. She then checked my cervix and told me that I was dilated a good centimeter and was 50% effaced. After this, she asked that I still try and take it easy this week so as to try and avoid labor for at least one more week. If/when I do go into labor, they will not be stopping it but she would rather I make it to 37 weeks to ensure that Ava will not have to go to the NIC-U. She also said that she was faxing over all of my paper work and blood work to the hospital so that when I do go into labor, they wont have to re-do all of that and charge me for it. So that's good.

My hubby is coming home on Friday and will be staying home with me after that! YA! (except for a job here and there for a day or two which is fine with me, so long as it isnt all the time and not for an extended amount of time) So that of course makes me happy! Mommy Club will be held at my house again this Friday and that makes me happy too! I'm curious to see how many people we have this week. :)

AND THEN... my babyshower is on Saturday!!! YA!!

ARG! I cant believe it's after midnight! The maid is coming at 8am tomorrow so I should probably be getting to bed or morning is gonna come pretty quickly. *The maid has come one time since we have lived in this house and is only coming tomorrow because we are having lots of people over for the baby shower on Sat. So hush! ;-)

Good Night Loves.
Hope you all have a Happy Valentines Day!


Cloggsy said...

Good to hear you are no longer on bedrest - I bet that's a relief!

Ashley said...

Yes it is! Thank you :)