Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Im still alive...

I cant believe I haven't posted in so long! Things have been pretty busy around here and when I'm not busy I just haven't felt like taking the time out to write a post.

The baby shower went VERY well! I pretty much got all that I needed and then some! There were so many people here! I am so very thankful for the family and friends that I have been blessed with. Thanks to each and every one of you for all that you have done. It is all greatly appreciated.

I went to the doctor today. 2 centimeters dilated and 50% effaced. Nothing much different then last week. I had gotten my hopes up and was expecting better news I guess. I came straight home from the doctor (after stoppin in to see my mom at work of course) and pouted. I'm just so tired and was under the impression that my baby girl was gonna come a little bit early (not too early of course) but I'm almost thinking it may be the complete opposite now! I wouldn't be surprised if she stayed in there AT LEAST another 2 weeks. Bummer.

I have been nesting... my husband called me out on it the other day. I made a list of things to have accomplished before Ava gets here (which I have already done in an earlier post) and have been tackling that list as often as possible. I have found that I seem to have all the energy in the world in the morning and push myself getting things done and by mid-day I am ready for a much needed nap! I guess I still tend to forget that although I may have some energy, I still can not do the things I used to do seeing as I'm 9 1/2 months pregnant! DUH ASHLEY!

Moving on.

Katie and I had a girls day yesterday which was nice. We went and got pedicures and had lunch together. She's a great person and I'm thankful for meeting her and all the new mommy friends.
Katie's baby shower is on Sunday and her birthday is on Thursday. Jennifer's birthday dinner is Friday night and her and Amber's birthdays are on Monday. Then I have Jeannie's baby shower the following Saturday. It's going to be another busy week but I'm glad for that. Makes the time move a bit faster.

This Saturday was our neighbors little girls (Megan) 1st birthday party. Everything was done in pink polka dots. It was so cute! Then I had Brandon's first birthday party on Sunday at Mandy's parents house. That was fun, I was able to see all the mommy girls as well and meet some of the husbands that I hadn't yet met. Poor Brandon was worn out by the time I left and I wasn't even able to stay for the cake.

Let's see, what else..

I think Ill wrap things up now.
I apologize again for the lack of posting (thanks for checkin in on me Cloggsy!)
Ill try to do a little better this week.
Take Care Loves.

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