Monday, February 11, 2008

I Love Mommy Club

Mommy Club met at my house again this Friday due to the fact that I am still on bedrest and shouldnt really be leaving the house. I think it's really sweet of them all to come over so that I can be included. They are all such great people and I am very thankful to have met each and every one of them. I really look forward to building up a lot of new friendships with my mommy friends.
Everyone met at my house around 3:30-ish and I was SO suprised to see how many mommies we had this week! I was not expecting that many people at all and was so happy to have each and every one of them over! I had a really good time just hanging out and chit chatting with everyone. Unfortunately, Katie was not able to make it this Friday and we definately missed the heck outta her. We'll be glad to have her back next time :)
Christina and Zolan were also here for Mommy Club which was cool. I hope they continue to come as well. We got a group photo but keep in mind that we are missing a few people, including Katie and Christina. It's nice to have Mommy Club to look forward to every week. I love it and am so glad that I was invited into the group with open arms. I feel like I have known some of these girls forever, they have made me feel so welcome. Thank you to all of you! Love ya'll!!!!

We missed you Katie!


Mommie25 said...

Hey hun, I love Mommy Club too and I too feel like I've known some of ya;l forever although there are some that I have....haha! Ya'll are all great, I cant wait till next Friday. By the way I thought your pics came out very cute!! Talk to you later and I too look forward to starting some good friendships!!

Ashley said...