Friday, February 15, 2008

He Has My Heart

Today makes one year since the day I first met Michael in person. He sent me a friend request on Myspace a little over 2 years ago and we began talking pretty regularly. He invited me to a couple of his parties (superbowl, etc) but I never would attend because I was pretty unsure about meeting somebody off of the internet. After about a year, I finally told him where I worked as a waitress and left it up to him to come see me if he chose too. So the day after Valentines Day last year he, his sister Trisha and his friend Kathie all came up to the resaurant where I worked to eat. I remember walking up to the table to take thier drink order and seeing Michael. I was pretty sure that it was him, but didnt want to say anything incase I was wrong. They stayed for a while and had a few beers and I chatted with them when I wasnt tending to other customers. He left me a really good tip that night too! LOL The next night, my friend Jessica and I went over to his apartment and hung out with them for a little while. We have pretty much been inseperable ever since. Michael really turned my life around and showed me what its like to truly love someone. Im thankful everyday to have been blessed with him.

In other news... Valentines Day was good. Of course it would have been even better if Michael was able to be here with me, but he made it up to me earlier in the week :) I met Kim (my dads girlfriend) for lunch which was nice. My Aunt Tami came by and brought her puppy Lily with her. Cookie LOVES playing with Lily and was completely exhausted once they finally left. Aunt Tami and I ordered some Chinese food and hung out for a while. My mom also stopped by and dropped off Valentines for Tyler, Elise, Michael and I as well as a really pretty flower plant from her boss Dale. That was sweet!

Today was Mommy Club of course! It was fun as always. I cant wait for Ava to be here and join in with us :)

Tomorrow is my baby shower!!! YA! Im excited!!!

Anyhow, Im pretty exhausted tonight and am def. ready to relax!
Goodnight Loves

P.S.- Michael: Happy "Anniversary" my love.


Cloggsy said...

Girl, have you had that baby yet? You've not been around in a while and I'm thinking you've beaten me to the delivery room!!!

Hope all is well.

Ashley said...

Ugh! I wish, LOL!
Things have been hectic and for some reason I just havent felt like making time to post I guess. LOL

But Im doing it now! :)
Thanks for checkin in on me. Hope all is well with you!