Friday, February 8, 2008

Baby Shower Invites


I sent out almost all of the baby shower invitations this past week except for a few that I hadn't yet received addresses for. My mom called me with the rest of the addresses yesterday so I will be sending the last few out tomorrow. Below is a picture of the invitations I chose. I also bought the little pink footprint stickers to seal the envelopes with. I think they are really cute!

I must say that I have really taken advantage of the whole "bed rest" thing the last couple days. Especially yesterday, aside from my doctors appointment that is. I layed around so much yesterday that it actually gave me a headache and made me a bit cranky.

Christina and Zolan left tonight. She is staying with her mom now. It was nice having them here for a few days and Christina helped me out as well. She is coming over for Mommy Club tomorrow but said she will be coming over a little early to help me clean up a bit. The house is pretty clean but needs a quick vacuum. And the kitchen needs to be swept and mopped. So she's gonna do that for me tomorrow. Thanks Christina!

I'm happy that Michael is coming home tomorrow! :) I miss him lots! After this weekend he will only be in Corpus for next week and then he'll be working close to home again! That makes me happy.


Moving on. I took a picture of the 3 little onesies I bought a week or so ago. These are the ones I am taking to the hospital, along with her "Going Home Outfit" which I do not have a picture of. The one I got her is a newborn outfit and SO freakin cute, but mom and I got to lookin at it and its going to be way too big for her. Mom says she is going to pick up a premie "take home outfit" for Ava. So as soon as we get one, Ill def have pics of it :)

Goodnight Lovelies.

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