Wednesday, February 6, 2008

35 weeks and counting!!!

I had a Dr. Appointment this morning, as I am going every week now. She told me that I am no longer dilated and that everything looks great! I was a little confused and asked her how I am no longer dilated when just 2 days ago at the hospital they told me I was 1cm. She said that it just means the baby has moved up a little and isnt resting on my cervix. YA! Unfortunately, I am still on bedrest but it isnt severe. She just doesnt want me over-doing it or running a whole lot of errands and such. I am to continue taking the Albuterol (which I have been doing religiously, every 6 hours, as directed) for 2 more weeks! After that, I will no longer be on the medication nor will I be on bedrest!!

Hooray Congratulaitons
IM SO EXCITED!!! Only 2 more weeks of this! It hasnt been too bad lately. Michael was here this weekend and of course wouldnt let me do anything! He cleaned and did laundry all weekend, as well as make my meals for me. :) He was such a sweetheart. He even warmed up my feet for me when I was cold. He left Sunday afternoon and Christina and Zolan got to my house Sunday night. So I really havent been by myself too much at all. Christina has been awsome with helping me keep the house picked up and she even picked up some strawberries and Tylers white button down shirt from Target for me :) I think she will be here for the next coupld of days and then Mommy Club is coming to my house again on Friday. Unfortunately we will not be getting Elise on Friday night like usual, but instead only on Saturday from 10am-5pm. Melanie thinks it'd be best with me being on bedrest. Although I dont agree, and I feel that Michael is very much capable of taking care of Elise, I am just grateful that we have Saturday with her. I would have been really upset if not, seeing as I have had our family pictures planned for some time now.
Next week will be Michaels last week in Corpus!! YA! :) We have the babyshower next Saturday and then that next Wednesday Ill be off bedrest! Man, it's getting so close! Im SO excited!
Well, I believe that's all for now! Take Care Sweets!!!

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