Wednesday, October 3, 2007

An update on the wedding planning.

Mike and I have been trying to find the minister or judge that will be marrying us and thankfully we got a call back yesterday. So we finally have that out of the way! =)

We also went by the annex today and got our marriage license!

Pretty much all we have left to do is get the flowers, and food.

My Aunt Becky is coming on Friday from College Station to help my mother with the final details. They will be meeting with Melba at Mikes dad's house so they can get an idea of what they're working with, as far as decorations go. Between my mom, my aunt and Melba, the place is going to look great! They all have so many ideas! My mom and Aunt Becky will also be getting the flowers and other little decorations and such that are still needed. But as far as everything else goes, its all pretty much taken care of. I do still need to get my shoes, and my jewelry.

I picked Amber up yesterday and brought her up to Davids Bridal with me so they could pin up her dress for the alterations, which will be done on Monday.

Most all the guys have been fitted for their tuxedos except for my dad and little brother.

I cant believe the wedding is in a week and 2 days! Im starting to get anxious! =)

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